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Confident + Real = Attractive:

Great connections start with a great profile and clear communication.

  • You appeal to more people and get more compatible matches with dating profiles that reflect the real you.
  • The quality of your messages and dates, really improves when you present yourself with confidence and honesty.

As You Wish gives you the qualified, expert online dating help you need. We help write your bio, your headline and your profile.

We help you choose your best dating profile photos. We give you tips and exercises to improve and enhance your dating behaviour.

Our clients see a 50% to 75% improvement in potential matches, in commuication effectiveness, and dating experiences.

Isn't it time to be your best self, both online and in person?

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Why You Need a Dating Profile Assistant:

Better dating profiles, better matches, and better dates.

  • Have you tried online dating before and been unimpressed with the results?
  • Do your current dating profiles need to be more engaging and more appealing?
  • Are you new to online dating and not sure how to create a great profile?
  • Do you want to learn effective communication and behavior for online dating?

Create attractive, approachable dating profiles. Be your real and best self.

We provide you with everything you need for success.

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What We Do For You:

As You Wish is the qualified, expert online dating coach and dating profile assistant you need!

  • Editing: Our skilled editor proof-reads, edits, and enhances/re-writes your written profile and profile headlines.
  • Coaching: Our certified coach gives you exercises and advice for safe, enjoyable, successful communication and dating.
  • Input: Our professional photographer provides you with tips and helps choose your most appealing images.*
  • *We do not provide photo-shoot services. Our clients receive a curated list of recommended photographers in major Canadian cities.

Free from algorithms or bots: We're real people, using real qualifications to create personality-based, authentic dating profiles.

Unique and personalized: We don't repeat or mass-produce our work. Our assistance and feedback is tailored specifically for you.

Bonus tips for free: All of our clients receive our 'Covid Dating Safety' guidelines at no extra charge.

Our services work for all dating sites and dating apps, and are available to you anywhere in Canada.

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