How It Works:
online dating assistant

As You Wish provides you with everything you need to create an outstanding online profile and to be well prepared for your first dates. We understand that everyone's needs aren't exactly the same, so we offer three different packages to choose from. Whichever service you choose, there are no additional fees and no further obligations.

Our services are completetly confidential. We place a high value on privacy. We don't require access to any of your online dating accounts. Your email will never be provided to a third party or put on a mailing list. We don't use or share the names and photos of our clients, in any way, ever.

It’s very easy and uncomplicated to hire us. To get started, you simply contact us and let us know which of our packages you're interested in. We'll send you a detailed breakdown of our services and let you know exactly what basic information we'll need from you.

Depending on the package you choose, an experienced editor will proof-read, edit and polish your written profile. A professional photographer will provide you with instructions and tips, and then assess and recommend the photos you should use. A certified Life Coach will give you simple exercises and detailed guidelines for successful dating behaviour and communication.

online dating assistant
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