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About Us

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How we got started:

As You Wish began when we realized there was a real need for a service in Canada that offers help, feedback, advice and coaching for online dating. In each of our individual jobs, many of our clients ask if we can edit their profiles, or give dating tips and coaching, or help choose dating photos. So we decided to work together, providing all of these services to you as a united team of qualified, Canadian experts.

Why we do this:

We did a lot of research when we first began, and we noticed that very few certified coaches or consultants specialize in online dating. We also noticed that most dating assistants and coaches seem to be based out of the US or UK. We're proudly Canadian and we understand that there are some subtle but important differences when it comes to the dating culture in Canada.

What sets us apart:

Everyone at As You Wish is a professional in their field, and we're properly qualified to help you. (Unfortunately, many other dating coaches and dating profile assistants, are just passing off their personal opinions as expert advice.) When you choose our services, you can trust that everything we offer you is based on years of accomplished knowledge and experience.

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Our Team

online dating coach

Our Dating Coach

Our professional, certified Life Coach has been in practice for 6 years, offering results-based personal development, communication, dating and relationship coaching.

online dating profile writer

Our Writer/Editor

Our professional freelance Writer/Editor has 15 years of experience working on advertising copy, website copy, articles, interviews, memoirs and 'how to' books.

online dating photographer

Our Photographer

Our professional Photographer has been specializing in headshots and portraiture for 10 years, with a focus on online profile portraits for dating and social media.